当今行业中使用了许多数据库。有些是SQL数据库,有些是NoSQL数据库。常规数据库是使用表格关系模型表示数据及其关系的SQL数据库系统。 NoSQL数据库是一种较新的数据库,它提供了一种用于存储和检索数据的机制,而不是关系数据库中使用的表格关系模型。


1) Databases are categorized as Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). NoSQL databases are categorized as Non-relational or distributed database system.
2) SQL databases have fixed or static or predefined schema. NoSQL databases have dynamic schema.
3) SQL databases display data in form of tables so it is known as table-based database. NoSQL databases display data as collection of key-value pair, documents, graph databases or wide-column stores.
4) SQL databases are vertically scalable. NoSQL databases are horizontally scalable.
5) SQL databases use a powerful language “Structured Query Language” to define and manipulate the data. In NoSQL databases, collection of documents are used to query the data. It is also called unstructured query language. It varies from database to database.
6) SQL databases are best suited for complex queries. NoSQL databases are not so good for complex queries because these are not as powerful as SQL queries.
7) SQL databases are not best suited for hierarchical data storage. NoSQL databases are best suited for hierarchical data storage.
8) MySQL, Oracle, Sqlite, PostgreSQL and MS-SQL etc. are the example of SQL database. MongoDB, BigTable, Redis, RavenDB, Cassandra, Hbase, Neo4j, CouchDB etc. are the example of nosql database

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