为超文本预处理器扩展。它是使用最广泛的Web开发语言。它通常被称为开源脚本语言。 PHP代码可以嵌入到html文件中。该代码写在开始和结束处理指令之间,即中间<?php>和?>。 PHP对于新手来说也是一种易于使用的语言。




JavaScript PHP
Currently, it is a full-stack programming language. It means it can serve both the client as well as server sites. It is a server-side scripting language. It serves only the backend of the website.
It is faster but difficult to learn. It is slower but easy to learn.
It is an asynchronous programming language that does not wait for the execution of the input-output operations. It is a synchronous programming language. Thus, it waits for the execution of the input-output operations.
It is supportable by every web browser, such as Mozilla, Google Chrome, and many more. It is supportable on Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. platforms. Supported by IIS, Apache, and Lighttpd web servers.
It carries less securable code. PHP code is highly securable.
It requires an environment for accessing the database. It allows easy and direct access to the database.
The code is written within <script>…<script> tags. The code is written within <?php….?> tag.
Earlier, javascript was able to create interactive pages for the clients. But, at present, it is able to build real-time games and applications, mobile applications, too. A PHP program is able to generate dynamic pages, send cookies, receive cookies, collect form data, etc.
It is a single-threaded language. Thus, each input-output operation is concurrently carried out. It is a multi-threaded language. Thus, it blocks if multiple input-output operations execute.
The extension used to save an external javascript file is ‘.js’. Files are saved using ‘.php’ extension.
We can embed the js code in HTML, XML, and AJAX. We can embed the PHP code only with HTML.
It supports fewer features. It supports more advanced features as compared to JavaScript.
Popular frameworks of JavaScript are Angular, React, Vue.js, Meteor, etc. Popular frameworks of PHP are Laravel, Symfony, FuelPHP, CakePHP, and many more.
Websites built in JavaScript are Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon, etc. Websites built in PHP are WordPress, Tumblr, MailChimp, iStockPhoto, etc.

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