在本章中,我们将了解LESSGUI 。您可以为平台使用不同的LESS工具。有关命令行用法和工具,请单击此链接


Sr.No. Tools & Description
1 Crunch 2!

It supports across platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux. It provides editor with integrated compiling.

2 Mixture

It is a rapid prototyping and static site generation tool used by designers and developers. It is quick, efficient and works well with your editor. It brings together a collection of awesome tools and best practices.

3 SimpLESS

It is a minimalistic LESS compiler. It provides drag, drop and compile functionality. SimpLESS supports prefixing your CSS by using prefixr which is the unique feature of SimpLESS. It is built on Titanium platform.

4 Koala

It is used to compile LESS, SASS and CoffeeScript. It provides features like compile error notification supports and compile options supports.


Sr.No. Tools & Description
1 Prepros

It a tool that compiles LESS, SASS, Compass, Stylus, Jade and many more.

2 WinLess

Initially it was a clone of LESS.app, it has several settings and takes more feature complete approach. It supports starting with command line arguments.

下表列出了支持OS X平台的GUI编译器。

Sr.No. Tools & Description
1 CodeKit

t is successor of LESS.app and supports LESS among many other processing languages like SASS, Jade, Markdown and more.

2 LiveReload

It edits CSS and changes images instantly. SASS, LESS, CoffeeScript and others work well.

下表列出了支持OS X平台的GUI编译器。

Sr.No. Tools & Description
1 Plessc

It is gui frontend for lessc. It has features like log viewer, auto compile, opening the LESS file with the chosen editor and sourcemap support.

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